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Domestic Violence

Not everyone who has been subjected to domestic violence has the courage to tell someone else or even do something about it. At BG Solicitors LLP we understand how difficult and daunting it is therefore to make an appointment to discuss your situation with a complete stranger.

What we can assure you of is that in our Family teams, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with such sensitive matters and at all times will be there to guide and advise you. On a practical level, we can also help you access any additional services which we feel you may benefit from and put you in touch with other agencies and organisations that may also be of help.

If the matter is urgent or serious, we would in the first instance advise you to contact the Police and, depending on what action the Police decide to take (if any), there may be other options open to you, such as applying to the Court for  a Non – Molestation Order and / or an Occupational Order.

Just to briefly explain what these are – Non – Molestation Order – is also known as an Injunction and prohibits an individual from using or threatening violence against another person and from molesting, harassing or pestering them, or encouraging anyone else to do so. An Occupation Order excludes one party from occupying the home or from attending near it. The Order can also regulate the occupation of the home.

Everybody’s personal lives are different and we can advise you on the implications of taking a certain course of action and help you devise strategies to cope with any problems and more importantly, prevent any similar situations from occurring again.

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, contact our Family Departments in Grimsby on 01472 240 251, Louth on 01507 600 610 or Scunthorpe on 01724 847 888.