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What time do we have to move out on moving day?

The sale contract will usually state that you should move pout by 1pm. This time allows you enough time to pack up and move out in the morning and move into your new property in the afternoon.

We will telephone you on the moving day to let you know when the buyer’s money arrives and to check you are ready for the keys to be handed over. Depending on the chain you may find that the keys are handed over before or after 1pm.

I have been asked to sign the sale contract, will that mean everyone is committed to the sale?

The sale Contract is an extremely important stage and the sale cannot proceed until it is done, but it does not make the sale legally binding.

Once you have signed the contract we will only be able to make it binding once the buyer’s legal adviser has confirmed that they are ready to exchange contracts.

What does exchange contracts on my house sale mean?

Exchanging contracts is when the deal becomes binding for both you and the buyer. Until that point you or the buyer could pull out of the transaction without penalty (although you wouldn’t get any of the money paid in searches etc, returned).

Once contracts are exchanged you as the buyer are required to pay a deposit (usually 10% of the agreed sale price) and it is at that point that the moving date is fixed

Where do I get the keys to our new house from?

If the person you are buying the house from has used an estate agent, once we have paid over the remainder of the sale price on the moving date to the seller’s legal adviser, you should be able to collect the keys from their estate agent. If the seller is not using an estate agent, or if there is a reason the keys can’t be picked up from the estate agent, it may be arranged to collect the keys from the seller themselves.

Your solicitor will let you know as soon as their solicitor has confirmed that you can pick up the keys.