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My solicitor is talking about a chain, what is that?

Most property purchases and sales are part of a chain, that is where there are a number of buyers and sellers that are depending on each other for the sale to take place.

Chains can be difficult to avoid and can be very difficult to deal with as it can only take one party in the chain to not move on a particular date and the whole chains stops. We will make sure you are kept informed of any problems in the chain but whatever happens, contracts can only be exchanged and moving dates fixed when all of the legal advisers in the chain are ready.

A good estate agent can be invaluable in pulling together the chain and make sure all parties in the chain are moving towards the same moving date.

There may be times when you need to break the chain in order to keep the house sale moving, if for example there is a delay at your end with your mortgage, but your buyer won’t wait, you may decide to keep to the moving date and move into rented accommodation or stay with family until you can complete the purchase on your new home. A note of caution if you do decide to do this as it is a risk and if your house purchase doesn’t go through for whatever reason you could be left renting or staying with family longer than you anticipated.