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Accident and Injury Claims

Our personal injury lawyers and legal executives are dedicated to providing a service that is professional, efficient and friendly at all times.

We believe our clients deserve access to the support they need and the justice they deserve and we have recovered millions of pounds worth of compensation for the victims of accidents over the years.


Wills and Trust Probate

Beetenson and Gibbon have been around for decades and will be around for decades more. Many people come to see us, worried about what will happen to their home if they have to go into residential or nursing care.

Come and talk to us and we will give you the true and full picture of the problem and will suggest solutions that can save you money instead of costing you a small fortune.



Disputes and Civil Litigation

It is an unfortunate fact of life that disputes happen and they are not always able to be resolved. In some cases they can lead to legal proceedings being sought, which can be difficult and stressful.

Whatever you find yourself in dispute with, at Beetenson & Gibbon we have the experience and specialist help to provide sound legal advice quickly, when you need it.



Debt Advice

Debt is increasingly something that many people are struggling to cope with. Often something dramatic, such as a relationship breakdown or redundancy, can compound the issue and cause the debt problem to spiral out of control.

If you are worried about debt or are struggling to make the payments on your rent or mortgage, don’t be afraid to come in and talk to us.


Employment Law

Our Employment Law team provides assistance to employers on Employment law and their ever changing legal obligations.

This could be advice on specific situations such as a tribunal or severance agreement, or help setting up the correct employment systems and processes, such as drafting employment contracts or redundancy procedures.


Family Law

We recognise that family breakdown is stressful and can cause financial hardship, therefore we offer affordable fixed fee packages to suit all of your legal needs.

We have a team of highly experienced family lawyers who will assist you and take care of all your legal requirements, be it a fixed fee package or a service tailored to you.



We deal with thousands of properties every year from first time buyers to property developers and large landlords.

Our expertise coupled with the latest technology ensures we are able to complete much faster than firms who adopt a more traditional 'paper based' approach which means you access your newly freed up finance quicker.


Powers of Attorney

Making a Power of Attorney has now become so complicated and expensive that many people do not bother, but there are sometimes simple, cost effective solutions that we can recommend.

If you do need to get a family member to take over the affairs of a loved one, we will guide you through this complicated and often stressful procedure.


Criminal Defence

Our Criminal Defence Team are available to deal with Police Station work free of charge by attending you in Police custody.

Whether the allegation ranges from murder to burglary; breach of Anti Social Behaviour Orders to road traffic matters, we are confident that we can properly advance your rights and protect your legal position.