If you have money owed to your business and would like advice on how recover debt, contact our Debt Recovery team -

  • Grimsby on 01472 240 251
  • Louth on 01507 600 610
  • Barton on 01652 632215
  • Scunthorpe on 01724 847 888


We offer a fixed fee initial interview of £120 including VAT for you to discuss your options.

We can assist in the recovery of debts. Initially we would write to the debtor (whether it be a company or individual) and after allowing a period for payment, then advise on the issue of proceedings and the costs. Securing a County Court Judgment (CCJ) is often 25% of the battle! Actually securing payment accounts for the remaining 75% and we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the enforcement options. These are many and not all are appropriate for the judgment outstanding. We can explain which is your best option and how long it should take to achieve success if indeed the debt is recoverable.

In cases where we are instructed to collect several debts for one client, we may be able to offer fixed fees based on the value of the debt with a very nominal fee in the unlikely event of non-recovery.

If you want to make someone bankrupt for a debt owed to you

Legal aid is no longer available to sue for a debt or to pursue bankruptcy. Our Dispute Resolution Team can assist you in claiming payment through the County Court but if you already have a Judgment and want to make the debtor bankrupt, we can still assist.

Currently, a debt inclusive of any court costs must be £5000 or above.

We offer a fixed fee service so that you can budget ahead. If you need to discuss whether bankruptcy is a viable option, please make an initial fixed fee appointment and we can advise on the procedure and further costs which could again be on a fixed fee basis.

At the moment the Court fee and official receiver deposit to manage the bankruptcy is £1270 although this reduces to £990 if you are on a low wage or in receipt of qualifying benefits.

Jean Williams

Litigation Executive

Ben Barber - Partner