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Providing expert advice in all areas of Family Law.

We understand that family breakdown can be a stressful and worrying time. We have a team of highly experienced family lawyers who will assist you and take care of all your legal requirements.

We recognise that family breakdown can cause financial hardship, therefore, we offer affordable fixed fee packages to suit all of your legal needs. We can help you choose the package you require based upon your individual needs.

Our fixed fee packages offer the same high-quality legal advice but with the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much it will cost.

If you are unable to attend our offices, we are still able to provide our fixed fee packages by means of email, telephone or post.

Please select from the following options the category of law that you require:

One Off Fixed Fee Legal Advice

If you just need some initial advice we can offer a meeting of up to one hour with an experienced family practitioner (except for letter of engagement setting out advice given, no documentation will be produced from this meeting).

Fee – £200.00 (plus VAT)
  • The payment is due before/at the meeting.
  • We can accept payment in cash, by debit/credit card

Change of Name Deed

We offer Change of Name Deeds for adults or a child which includes all work necessary to complete the same and two certified copies of the original.

Fee – £120.00 (plus VAT)

Advice and Representation in Court Proceedings Involving Children

Children are vulnerable to the effects of divorce and relationship breakdown. Changes to their home life can have lasting effects on your family. It is important to ensure that the children experience as little upset as possible during these times. When an agreement cannot be reached regarding the arrangements for the children we can help to resolve the dispute through negotiation and if necessary by applying to the Court for Orders that can resolve issues as to where the child(ren) are to live and the time that they will spend with the non-resident parent.

In the event that you have children issues requiring ongoing advice, preparation of documents and court hearings, we have a team of experts who will be able to offer professional advice charged at a competitive hourly rate.

We offer Fixed Fee divorce packages depending on whether you are issuing divorce proceedings or have received divorce papers.

Package 1 – Petitioner/party applying

If you are issuing divorce proceedings, this package includes the following:

  • One meeting with specialist family practitioner
  • Preparation of divorce documentation at all stages up to finalisation
  • Support throughout the process
Fee £600.00 (including VAT)
Court fees (if applicable) £593.00
Total £1193.00*

Payment Options:

You can pay in full in advance by credit/debit card or bank transfer in advance.
We also offer an instalment arrangement as follows:

  • £300 on receipt of instructions plus £593.00 Court fee payable when divorce papers are issued
  • £300 on submitting the Application for Decree Nisi

You may not have to pay the Court fees if your income is within certain limits.

Please Note the package does not include the following-

  • Obtaining a copy marriage certificate if required
  • Enquiry Agent fees should the divorce papers need to be served on your spouse. We charge £100.00 plus vat for the additional work along with the disbursement charged by the relevant agent (Usually in the region of £100 if local).
  • Additional charges will be incurred in the event of a defended divorce.

Package 2 – Respondent/Party receiving papers

If you have received divorce papers, this package includes the following:

  • One meeting with specialist family practitioner
  • Completion of Court papers
  • Support throughout the process
Fixed Fee £288.00 (including VAT)*

This package must be paid in full, in advance by credit/debit card, cash or bank transfer in advance or at the time of your first appointment.

Additional charges will be incurred in the event of a defended divorce.

*Anti-money laundering electronic verification checks maybe undertaken at a cost to you of between £6 – 12 (inclusive of VAT) dependent on the level of checks required, per name of each client.

Family Mediation – the fresh approach to resolving family issues

Mediation provides a cost effective alternative to resolving the issues surrounding children and finances that can be a result in the break-up of a relationship. The process is designed to use an impartial third party (the Mediator) in joint sessions with both parties to help resolve any issues and agree common ground.

The sessions are confidential. The mediators can explain the legal issues but rather than representing either party they work with you to reach agreement. It is less confrontational, and therefore less stressful, than pursuing decisions through solicitors and the Courts. It is often far quicker and because agreement is made, it can often improve the communication in the family and result in a better longer-term outcome.

Mediation can be used for couples whether married, cohabiting, civil partnership, separated, divorced, heterosexual or same sex. It can also be used by other family members such as grandparents to help resolve an issue surrounding children or finances. For more information about the benefits and process involved in Family Mediation click here.

Initial appointment per session £130 (inc VAT), mediation sessions £250 per session (inc VAT), FREE if you qualify for legal aid.

The number of sessions will depend on the issue to be resolved. At the initial session we will assess whether you are eligible for legal aid. If you are eligible and have supplied us with all the relevant documents to confirm this, mediation will be provided free of charge.

You can check if you are eligible for Legal Aid by clicking here.

Financial Agreements

When a marriage or relationship breaks down, sorting out the financial arrangements can be complex and very stressful.

We offer the following services:

Consent Order

A Consent Order is a legally binding agreement that has been reached upon divorce setting out the division of the matrimonial assets. On the basis that an agreement has been reached and the assets have been dealt with and the order is only required to dismiss all future claims.

If you have complex or disputed financial matters we have a team of experts that will be able to offer professional advice.

If you are receiving abuse, whether from a partner or other family member, BG Solicitors LLP can help you through these difficult times.

We will make it a priority to safeguard someone suffering from domestic abuse. We can make you an appointment on the same day you contact us.

Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality or background.

Domestic abuse doesn’t have to be physical. It can be emotional, sexual, financial or coercive control.

We are here to listen. We can put you in touch with various support organisations who can assist you in putting a safety plan together.

We can also pursue the legal protection you might need, by assisting you with an injunction and/or Occupation Order, as well as provide you with advice and services over related children and financial matters. An injunction (also known as a Non-Molestation Order) is an Order to protect your health, safety and wellbeing. It can prevent an abusive partner/family member from intimidating, harassing or pestering you and from using or threatening violence. Furthermore, it can put a stop to abusive communication over phone calls, text messages and social media including via third parties. An Occupation Order can exclude an abusive partner/family member from your home so you can feel safe again. Once you have the protection of these Orders, we shall forward copies to the police to help safeguard you.

Arrange a free consultation at one of our offices today or call in to our drop in clinic, and our friendly family department will assess your eligibility for legal aid and discuss your options with you.


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    We offer a fixed fee initial interview of £200 plus VAT to discuss your options.

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