Grimsby & District Senior Netball League

Don’t let it ever be said that netball is for the weak and fair weather seekers!!! When BG Solicitors (BG) took the court on Monday 9th March to compete with Velocity, the rain had started to fall and the wind was building. On our last meet, Velocity earned the win, so BG really needed to keep their heads to level the playing field.
A netball team consists of 7 players and BG have the privilege of a squad of 10! 2 players volunteered to have the night off – one must now question whether they’d taken advice from a professional weather forecaster and decided that a night in pyjamas in front of the TV was a better prospect!!
The 1st quarter finished even-stevens at 4 all and as all players took the court for the 2nd quarter, the rain was falling harder and colder with the wind blowing much stronger. Running on the slippery surface and throwing the ball into the wind was a challenge but BG’s resilience was better than Velocity’s and BG went into half time as leaders at 8 – 6.
BG’s defence was a force to be reckoned with and Velocity’s usually accurate GS was unable to break down the solid defending of BG’s GK, Carla Mowforth and at full time, BG had scored 3 more goals to Velocity’s 1, thus taking the prize at 11 – 7.
We walked away from the court like bedraggled, drowned rats and our look was proof enough that netball is certainly not a fair weather game for the weak!! However, we were euphoric with our success and never more happy to return home to pyjamas and a hot drink!!
Huge thanks to our umpires, Amy Allenby and Gina Ryder who continue to support the league by turning out every Monday and Tuesday to umpire games thus ensuring the league can continue to function. Amy Allenby voted BG’s Carla Mowforth as player with Gina Ryder and BG voting for Velocity’s WA, Amy Tiplady. Velocity voted for Dani Roberts as BG’s player. Whilst every player deserved a medal for playing so well in such awful conditions, special pats on the back to those voted for and BG’s GA Karen Boulton for taking a rebounding ball in her face and ending up with two black eyes:)

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