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  • 19th January 2021

Family Mediation Week 18th to 22nd January 2021

Family Mediation Week – helping separated families know which way to turn

More than any other time of the year, January is a month when families decide to separate.

For most, this will be their first experience of separation, and they will start searching for help and advice about where to turn for help to resolve issues – who will the children live with? What will happen with money?

England’s third national lockdown doesn’t make it any less likely that people will be asking these questions. If anything, it simply adds to confusion, or uncertainty, about what services might be available. People may not be sure where to turn.

This is why we at Family Mediation Services at BG Solicitors LLP is supporting Family Mediation Week.  It takes place from 18 to 22 January, and aims to provide answers, by sharing information about the mediation process. It will explain how Family Mediation Council registered mediators can help families consider what is best for their future, and how mediation is available online to help them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout Family Mediation Week, the Family Mediation Council will be sharing information about family mediation to help people understand more about how it works, when it might be suitable, the importance of involving older children in the process of deciding what happens to them, and how it can be funded – including through legal aid.

Through an online mock mediation (we can’t show you a real session, as mediation is confidential), the Family Mediation Council will show you what really happens in a mediation session, give professionals working with families the opportunity to join a virtual coffee morning, so they can ask any questions they have about mediation and will be publishing articles and videos throughout the week.

To find out more:

Visit familymediationweek.org.uk and bgsolicitors.com

Follow Family Mediation Week on Twitter @FamilyMedWeek

Family Mediation Services at BG Solicitors LLP on the FMC Register, which means they meet agreed professional standards. The FMC Register can be searched online, enabling people to find mediators near to them, who are working online, and – if relevant – who offer legal aid. The search facility can be found here: https://www.familymediationcouncil.org.uk/find-local-mediator/

For more information about anything contained in this article or family mediation in general, please contact Ruth Gilliatt or Leanne Barnes at ruth.gilliatt@bgsolicitors.com or leanne.barnes@bgsolicitors.com or call 01724 947 888 or 01724 250 241


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