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  • 10th December 2020

Tenants Beware!

If you receive court papers where your landlord is seeking possession, you will get notice of a review appointment.  These are usually listed for a Tuesday.  These appointments are NOT hearings but an opportunity for you seek free advice through our office to engage with the landlord to see if an agreement can be reached to help you stay in your home.  They are also an opportunity to check whether you have legitimate grounds for defending the claim.  The review appointments are new to the housing repossession procedure and a direct result of the pandemic.  The Government introduced them at the end of September.  If you receive a review appointment please do contact either Jean Williams or Wendy Hughes on the review date because it might just help you keep your home.


Please bear in mind that if you do not take the opportunity to engage with the landlord on the review appointment, a hearing will be set and the Court may ask you to explain why you did not take advantage of the chance to engage on the review appointment.  It is your own interests to use the review appointment introduced mainly for your benefit.

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